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Bali Coffee Club Jakarta Grand Opening: One Place, One Connection

Wed, 31 Jan 2024 | GLC Administrator
Bali Coffee Club Jakarta Grand Opening: One Place, One Connection

Bali Coffee Club Jakarta Grand Opening: One Place, One Connection

Bali Coffee Club Jakarta (BCC Jakarta) announced the Grand Opening of its third innovative and lifestyle destination. 

With a strong concept of One Place, One Connection, BCC Jakarta proudly be the first that brings Balinese soul to Jakarta – an authentic and welcoming atmosphere, excellent customer service, professional baristas, wonderful music, and of course, the best 100% Arabica Bali Coffee.

Bali Coffee Club is born from a collaboration between PT Global Sinergi Investama and PT Peruri Properti. Located in the former Peruri Education and Training Center building at Jl. Lebak Bulus I, West Cilandak, South Jakarta, this establishment occupies one of Peruri’s idle assets.

The Grand Opening of BCC Jakarta was officially inaugurated by: 

  • Ibu Loto Srinaita Ginting – Expert Staff in The Field of Finance and MSME Development, representing the Deputy Minister of State-Owned Enterprise; 

  • Mrs Dwina Septiani Wijaya – The Chief Executive Officer of PERURI;

  • Mrs. Dian Desiana – The Managing Director of BVR Group Asia; and 

  • Mr. Herb Meiner – The President Commissioner.

Bali Coffee Club Jakarta Facilities

Bali Coffee Club Jakarta is a place where experience is carefully designed to cater the diverse interests and needs of Jakarta people. It aims to foster a sense of belonging within the community, and give individuals the ability to explore, express, and enjoy various activities that resonate with their passions.

At Bali Coffee Club Jakarta, you will find our Coffee Roastery – where you can connect and interact directly with our roaster and observe the production process of high-quality coffee beans. You can also purchase the freshly roasted beans onsite. 

Additionally, we offer a co-working space – support entrepreneurs, freelancers, and professionals with a well-equipped environment that encourages collaboration, productivity, and networking opportunities.

Bali Coffee Club has many business that will be opening soon, such as:

  • BVR Studio – a place where creative teams can produce inspiring and outstanding contents for your digital marketing operations.

  • Herberto Gelato – savour the sweetness of tempting gelato while you enjoy the Balinese ambience.

  • Pickleball Court – where sports enthusiasts can encourage an active and healthy lifestyle through friendly pickleball matches.

  • Bali Beauty Center – anti-aging, luxury clinic that embraces island paradise hospitality.

  • Fitness Center – a place where you can find cardio and strength training.

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BCC Jakarta is a revolutionary community destination that combines various entertainment avenues into a singular, immersive experience. From sports and wellness to business and leisure – making it a sought-after destination for individuals seeking diverse forms of engagement.

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